"Anima e Corpo II"

Anima e Corpo (soul and body) is a collective site specific exhibition held at Heracles Gymnasium in Milano, Italy.
For the second edition, five artists (Luca D’urbino, Alberto Casagrande, Ciro Trezzi, Shut Up Claudia and Serena Gianoli) worked on five screen printed punching bags following a philosophical theme written by Renato de Donato. They also hand decorated five ceramic vases shaped as boxing gloves, modeled by Susanna Alberti and designed by Antonio Sortino.
Apollo, god of sun that crosses the sky on his chariot drawn by winged horses, god of rationality and masculinity.Dionysus, god of the subterranean, subconscious, sensuality and femininity.
Both these discording traits have to join forces in the interiority of an athlete for him to find a balance and, ultimately, succeed.
The five punching bags created for the event stayed in house and became training facilities for the Gym.
They are probably being punched right now.

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