"Inner Spring"
is the illustration I created for a personal foundraising campaign for the hospitals of my city, Bergamo,
during COVID-19 crisis in March 2020.

“An internal spring, a spark, an intimate movement of regeneration and rebirth.
This is the “gift” that this dramatic emergency is making to us.
Closed in our homes, fored to isolation not only by a decree but by a sense of enormous responsability and mutual care that brings us closer than ever and leaves no rooms for individualism.
Forced  to a stop that finally gives us time to live, but above all, to reflect.

While outside nature reborn and takes a break from humanity, we too, internally, live a very similar moment.”

With the help of all partecipants 2500€ was donated directly to the area ASST.
I’ll always be so grateful.


©  SUSANNA ALBERTI - P.IVA 04361670161